“Four Peaks” Operational Model

Tenzing’s “Four Peaks” operations model is the result of over 10 years of continual improvement. It is the engine that powers your managed hosting with the “Summit with Tenzing” approach to managed IT services. Tenzing’s operations is divided into four functional areas.

Technical Account Services  –  “Get out Front”

Tenzing’s Technical Account Services (TAS) team is about being a trusted partner by working proactively to understand and address your project’s requirements through the entire IT life-cycle. Honesty and integrity are critical. TAS is driven by four key principles: 1) be proactive; 2) be collaborative; 3) mitigate risk for the customer; and 4) maximize value for the customer. TAS is responsible for the: Assessment, Design, Delivery (Service Level, Availability, Continuity, and Capacity Management), and Continual Improvement stages of the “Summit with Tenzing”service model.

Deployment Services Group  –  “Right the First Time”

Tenzing’s Deployment Services Group (DSG) is about making sure your requirements and expectations are met out of the gate. They are responsible for the deployment of the infrastructure and application according to plan and rigorous testing to make sure everything works as expected and is documented so follow-on operational issues are minimized. DSG is responsible for the Deployment phase of the “Summit with Tenzing” service model between Design and Operations.

Technical Support Services  –  “One and Done”

Tenzing’s Technical Support Services (TSS) team is the front line of IT Operations. At work 24x7x365, TSS is responsible for triaging incoming service requests and seeing them to resolution by following standard operating procedures. TSS is part of the Operations phase of the “Summit with Tenzing” service model and is responsible for the Service Desk function as well as: Incident, Change, Release and Configuration Management.

Technical Services Group  –   “Always On”

Tenzing’s Technical Services Group (TSG) is the backbone of Operations. They are responsible for engineering, documenting and maintaining the technology required for the delivery of enterprise-class manage services. They are subject matter experts who design standard operating procedures, tools and services. They are also responsible for managing escalations from Technical Support Services, doing root cause analysis and documenting remediation procedures around service impacting events. TSG is part of the Operations of the “Summit with Tenzing”service model responsible for Problem Management.

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    “Before joining Tenzing, it would take us several days and a lot of back and forth communication to perform simple tasks like adding access for a new employee. With Tenzing, that same process took just minutes. Every interaction we’ve had so far has been like that. They are fast, reliable and knowledgeable, and I’m feeling more confident than ever that we’ll be in a great position to make the most out of our peak buying season.”

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