Managed Infrastructure

Everest Managed Hosting Platform PillarsTenzing’s services platform, Everest, is the comprehensive managed hosting solution trusted by leading ecommerce companies to deliver their business-critical applications to end-users across North America and the World. The Everest platform is at the core of Tenzing’s capabilities as a managed infrastructure provider and is built around the four pillars of its managed IT services:

  • ITIL best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • A certified Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • An enterprise-grade Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering
  • And robust, client-centric Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Each of these four pillars is fundamental to Tenzing’s managed IT services philosophy and critical to the successful delivery of business-critical Internet applications to end-users.

ITIL Best Practices for ITSM

Tenzing’s award-winning ITSM is built around industry-leading ITIL best practices and addresses the entire IT life-cycle. Proactive support services are lead by ITIL-certified Client Success Managers that learn your business requirements and coordinate support services between Tenzing and your IT staff. Tenzing’s Technical Services groups provides deep technical expertise for network, storage, OS (Windows and Linux), and ecommerce and SaaS application-level support. And on the front lines is Tenzing’s highly responsive 24×7 Service Desk. Tenzing’s technical support services include:

  • 24x7x365 Service Desk and Incident Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Security Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Availability and Continuity Management
  • Problem Management
  • Configuration Management

Tenzing technical support model is not only comprehensive, it’s flexible. Sign up for the most effective mix of fully-managed, co-managed, and self-managed technical support services based on your SLA requirements, budget, or in-house IT expertise and resources. For example, reduce costs by self-managing your development systems while Tenzing fully manages your production systems with a full application-level availability and performance SLA.

Robust Information Security
Management System (ISMS)

Tenzing’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides peace of mind and saves enterprises valuable time and money with their compliance requirements. Tenzing is one of the only North American hosting provider to be ISO and AT-101 certified as well as PCI-DSS compliant. This gives ecommerce and SaaS providers an advantage when doing business globally. Tenzing is also governed by Canadian Privacy Law (PIPEDA) which is recognized by the European Union. Security engineered into the Everest platform include:

  • 24/7 On-site security with multiple electronic and biometric access control points
  • Access to Data Centre limited to authorized Tenzing DC Technicians
  • Integrated Juniper ISG firewall and VPN services
  • Integrated Alertlogic network IDS service
  • Integrated Solidcore change auditing and control service
  • Zoned networking at compute and storage layers isolates clients data
  • Comprehensive permission management system

Enterprise-Grade IaaS

The quality of your IT infrastructure is the bottom line when it comes to the reliability and performance of your Internet application. A world-class compute, network, and storage infrastructure and the tools and experts needed to maintain it 24x7x365 is expensive and difficult to manage. With Tenzing, you can securely and reliably leverage our infrastructure investments to get all the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Everest’s IaaS advantages include:

  • Tier IV and Tier III Datacenters
  • Self-healing, N+1 compute clustering
  • Highly scalable compute, storage and network services
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) Storage Options
  • Support for Bare-metal, Virtualized, and Hybrid Architectures
  • Integrated Firewall, Load Balancing, and IDS services
  • Seamless support for VMWare, Xen, and HyperV
  • Support for .NET, JAVA, and PHP Application Farms
  • Support for Oracle, SQLServer Clustering
  • Support for IIS and Apache Web Farms
  • Web Based Control Panel
  • Enhanced Change, Release, and Continuity Management

Compute Clustering

We know downtime is not an option. Our mission is to ensure your store is always open for business, every hour of every day. Our top-tier facilities, leading technologies, skilled people and proven ITIL processes make the difference.

Hybrid or Bare-Metal Architectures

Maximize application availability and scalability with N+1 VMWare, Xen, or HyperV compute clusters. Rapidly scale computing resources (CPU and RAM). Self-healing mechanism triggered at network and physical layers auto-magically migrate guests from problematic hosts in a compute cluster. Live migration between clustered nodes with no downtime. Dead node recovery in less than 5 minutes.

Enterprise Network Architecture

The Everest platform is engineered to allow secure, high performance connections between its virtualized compute clusters and dedicated bare-metal systems. This hybrid approach allows customers to get the best of both worlds. For example, build highly scalable web and application farms on hypervisor-enabled compute clusters while maximizing the performance of your back-end SQL or Oracle cluster on bare-metal hardware.

Enterprise Storage Architecture

Redundant Juniper M-Series core network architecture with fully integrated, high performance Juniper ISG firewalls and F5 load balancing. Enhanced application performance to end-users via real-time quality of service management from integrated InterNAP FCP service (up to 30% reductions in latency and packet loss). Fully redundant network connections throughout system architecture removes potential bottlenecks and maximizes application availability. Real-time, fully integrated AlertLogic network intrusion detection supports PCI and other compliancy requirements

Enhanced Change, Release, and Continuity Management

Use web-based control panel to roll forward and back through virtual system snapshots. Store templates of fully configured virtual machines for rapid system deployment or recovery.

2N DC Architecture

Complete 2N power redundancy to every physical host in the Data Centre ensures highest possible infrastructure availability. In this system, multiple failures can be survived and critical maintenance is possible without downtime or UPS bypass. Award winning “EnWave” deep water system combined with APC Advanced InfrastruXture in-row cooling maximizes Data Centre reliability and efficiency. Zero Carbon Footprint.

Comprehensive Service
Level Agreements (SLAs)

A meaningful, manageable SLA is fundamental to any good IT relationship.

Tenzing’s SLAs create comprehensive guarantees behind the quality of Tenzing’s service delivery backed by real penalties for non-compliance. To provide maximum flexibility, SLAs are tied to Tenzing’s tiered support levels.

Tier 1 (Core Infrastructure)

For all services, Tenzing provides a 99.999% availability guarantee around its core network and datacenter infrastructure as well as a one hour hardware replacement guarantee.

Tier 2 (Service Desk)

For co-managed or fully managed infrastructure services, Tenzing also provides a 15 minute or less response to service impacting events guarantee from its 24x7x365 Service Desk.

Tier 3 (Application)

For qualified, fully managed production services only, Tenzing also provides a comprehensive 99.99% service-level guarantee around end-user application availability and performance. This SLA Includes detailed SLA reporting on application availability and performance from a third-party global monitoring network.

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