Hosting in Canada

Whether your business is targeting the Canadian market or whether you are an international company targeting the US market; Canada is an ideal location for hosting business-critical applications. With a world-class telecommunications infrastructure and a very low risk of natural disasters, Canada should be a central component of any global deployment strategy.

Canada leads the Way in Information Privacy

Information privacy is a hot button for most companies today and is a core driver for U.S. and International companies establishing hosted offerings in Canada. At the core of most company’s privacy concerns is a general fear of the U.S. Patriot Act – specifically Section 215 – which essentially provides the US government with broad access to individual’s personal information without having to disclose a request for those records.

Canada is a recognized world leader in privacy legislation which is ideal for International companies targeting North America. Canada is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) which is a European Union (E.U.) approved privacy law. Companies hosting in Canada can be certain their client information is secure and protected.

World Leader in Communications and Internet Technology

Companies looking for a compelling user experience also don’t have to sacrifice performance when hosting in Canada. With Canadian cities connected to primary North American Network Access Points (NAP), enterprise-grade performance and low latency is assured because networks have direct access to the core Internet backbone.

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