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SaaS HostingSoftware-as-a-Service (SaaS) is revolutionizing how companies consume business services. To be successful, SaaS providers need a trusted hosting partner that can be flexible in the way that it commercially and operationally deploys, co-manages and supports SaaS hosting environments. Tenzing understands the demanding technical and support challenges unique to on-demand delivery and works around the clock to help clients meet those demands. Tenzing was chosen by Microsoft to be one of only a handful of SaaS Incubation Centers worldwide. Oracle chose Tenzing to be one of the few providers in North America to be able to offer Oracle Technologies as a Service. Tenzing also provides a flexible hybrid model of services ranging from co-managed solutions to a 100% fully managed service offering.


Flexible Service Plans

Additional services can be added temporarily with pay as you go pricing. For example, if additional compute or storage resources are needed to cover seasonal demand spikes then Tenzing will provision additional resources on a month-to-month basis prorated at your standard rates. No long term commitment is required or premium applied.

Colocation Options

Many clients have hardware assets that have not fully depreciated and as a result want to integrate these into a co-managed, colo or hosted solution. Tenzing will work with you to evaluate and incorporate those assets to maximize your ROI and decrease your costs.

Flexible Contract Lengths

Tenzing understands that our clients may have different needs for contract lengths. Tenzing has flexible contract lengths to suit your needs. For example monthly contracts for staging/testing environments, hourly contracts for development environments on the cloud.

Flexible Payment Plans

Tenzing is committed to incubating SaaS companies. We understand that not every SaaS start-up can afford the managed hosting services they need to be successful out of the gate. One way Tenzing helps incubate qualified start-ups is by lowering their cost of entry by ramping up their fee schedule over the term of the contact.

CAPEX vs. OPEX Pricing Options

Different companies have different preferences around capital and operating expenditure. Tenzing can provide SaaS providers different pricing options, depending on the desired Capex to Opex ratios. For example, operating fees and even total contract fees can be reduced significantly if the customer invests in a larger upfront payment to offset capital costs.

Custom Service Agreements

Although Tenzing’s standard services agreement provides an excellent starting point, we understand that every SaaS provider has unique business requirements. Unlike most providers, we will customize your Service Agreement to meet these requirements.

Oracle and Microsoft Monthly Licensing

Many clients have built their SaaS services upon Microsoft and/or Oracle technologies. Tenzing is able to offer monthly technology licences for both Oracle and Microsoft products. Tenzing is one of the few companies Oracle has chosen to operate SaaS licencing in this flexible manner.


SaaS Engineering Process

Tenzing’s no-charge solution engineering process will help map the costs, solution architecture, operational considerations and a migration path to get from where you are now to Tenzing. The engineering process is built on a framework of best practices learned from hundreds of successful SaaS migrations and deployments that includes:

  • On-site discovery and analysis of business and technical requirements.
  • Access to expert SaaS solutions engineering services.
  • Free discovery process to maximize ROI by integrating existing assets.
  • Access to SaaS security, network, storage experts leveraging ITIL best practices.

24x7x365 SaaS Service Desk

Around-the-clock customer support is one of the most difficult aspects of deploying a SaaS solution. Managing your own call center is difficult and expensive. Using highly skilled developers and software engineers to support end user requests is distracting and inefficient. The best choice is to potentially let Tenzing to handle all initial customer enquiries, support the day-to-day issues and resolve most user-problems at the first point of contact.

Global SaaS Delivery Network

When you have a global audience for your SaaS application you often need application delivery capabilities in multiple geographic regions. You need a managed hosting provider with global reach. Tenzing provides this global reach through its trusted network of content delivery and data center partners.

Global Compliancy with ISS

Tenzing is one of the only service providers to have its hosting services certified against the SSAE 16 Type 2 (North America), ISO 27001 (Europe and Asia), and PCI-DSS (global) standards for information security as well being regulated by the EU standard for information privacy. These certifications and regulations allow Tenzing’s SaaS clients to do business with almost any enterprise globally without concern for regulatory requirements around information security as they apply to the storage and delivery of SaaS subscriber data.

Comprehensive IT Management

Designed around industry-leading ITIL best-practices, Tenzing delivers comprehensive technical support services that SaaS providers can rely on across the entire IT life-cycle. Proactive support services are lead by ITIL-certified Technical Account Managers that learn your business requirements and coordinate support services between Tenzing and your IT staff. Tenzing’s technical support services include:

  • Service Level Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Availability and Continuity Management
  • 24x7x365 Service Desk Services
  • Incident and Problem Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Security Services

Enterprise SaaS Hosting Platform

At the core of Tenzing’s services is an enterprise-ready SaaS Hosting Platform named: EVEREST. EVEREST is a highly robust, scalable and secure SaaS delivery mechanism designed to support the delivery of business-critical Internet applications. Key features include:

  • Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Centre Architectures
  • Self-healing, N+1 compute clustering
  • Highly scalable compute, storage and network services
  • Support for Bare-metal, Virtualized, and Hybrid Architectures
  • Integrated Firewall, Load Balancing, and IDS services
  • Seamless support for VMWare, Zen, and HyperV
  • Support for .NET, JAVA, and PHP Application Farms
  • Support for Oracle, SQLServer Clustering
  • Support for IIS and Apache Web Farms

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    “A decade ago, we signed with Tenzing because they demonstrated a level of expertise and service that gave us confidence in their solution. In the past ten years, they have shown us time and time again that their offerings are best of breed, and they continuously innovate. Their infrastructure and architecture is high performing and secure, and we really value the team of dedicated experts who are available to support our business.”

    Craig Proud, Senior Vice President of Platform at GuestLogix

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