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Customer expectations are growing faster than ever, and with them, grows the pressure on IT departments to enable business innovation and agility. For Oracle Commerce customers, these new requirements often pose a challenge, as most traditional hosting solutions for the platform are built using old technology and lack automation.

With over 10 years’ experience managing some of the most complex Oracle Commerce sites, our team has developed extensive knowledge of industry and platform-specific best practices. Along with Pivotree’s investment in leading-edge public cloud innovation, those practices are at the core of our Oracle Commerce on AWS Solution.

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Flexible Infrastructure + Expert Support


Public cloud enables development teams to make changes to the application at a speed that is simply not possible on bare metal. The ease with which you can spin up and down environments, a rich set of development automation tools and many pre-built integrations with the leading-edge technologies, make AWS the most flexible infrastructure on the market. Combined with Pivotree’s Atmosphere cloud deployment automation platform, this solution offers you benefits of the latest innovations in public cloud.


Our expertise in Oracle Commerce and AWS, along with a deep understanding of the ways commerce systems and technologies interact, allow our teams to provide superior site performance for our clients. In fact, the majority of sites leveraging our Oracle Commerce expertise enjoyed a significant improvement in the site speed and up to 4x better application performance after migrating from the previous hosting provider.


AWS makes it possible to scale the back-end systems within minutes, which means that you are now more prepared to support seasonal and promotion-based fluctuations in your site traffic. In combination with Pivotree’s end-to-end monitoring and alerting systems, this enables our support team to address any undesirable performance trends before they impact your end customers.


As a Level 1 PCI DSS Certified Managed Hosting Provider, Pivotree meets the strictest industry security standards. From proactive scans, WAFs and annual PCI audits to extensive in-house security training and efficient patching processes, the Oracle Commerce on AWS solution offers peace of mind when it comes to protecting your critical systems and sensitive data.


With AWS’s “pay as you go” model and its rapid scalability, there is no longer a need to overprovision hardware. Scale the environment up to sustain holiday or a campaign-driven traffic and then easily scale it down, while only paying for the infrastructure you need, when you need it.


Our team stays current on industry trends and best practices to continuously develop new solutions that help clients achieve their strategic objectives. Pivotree’s complete suite of Oracle Commerce products and services enables businesses to extend investment in their Commerce platform while also leveraging innovation in key technologies such as Public Cloud, Headless Commerce and Microservices.

“Pivotree’s service and support is exceptional. Their in-house Oracle expertise has served us well over the years and their AWS knowledge was invaluable during this project.”

– Sufi Khan Sulaiman, Director eCommerce and Digital at Lorex

Solution Overview

Oracle Commerce on AWS is an end-to-end managed hosting offering that was designed to provide a flexible infrastructure and rapid scalability while also delivering superior performance, security and expert support that our Managed Application Services are known for.

It includes the initial provisioning, installation, setup, configuration, securing, testing, load balancing and tuning of the hosting environment and management of your critical systems – from infrastructure and middleware to OS and application, up to the custom code.

  • 24x7x365 Expert Support
  • Deployment Support
  • Capacity Planning
  • Holiday Readiness
  • Environment Configuration
  • Initial Environment Set-up & Tuning
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Client access to production systems as needed
  • 99.9% Application Availability Guaranteed
  • Incident Management
  • Patching and Debugging
  • Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution
  • Back-ups
  • Security Management
  • Quarterly AWS resource cost optimization reviews
  • Monitoring & Alerting

Optional Oracle Commerce Services


Our experienced team of Oracle Commerce architects will perform a thorough review of the custom code in your application and provide a prioritized list of key trouble areas as well as recommendations.


Our Oracle Database experts will perform a thorough analysis of your configuration and identify critical performance bottlenecks. Our Database Tuning Service is specifically designed for the Oracle Commerce application and includes over 500 checks for specific issues.


Based on our deep understanding of the ways ATG and Endeca interact, we have designed and implemented a unique caching solution that reduces your usage of Endeca by up to 50%, maximizing ROI in your search and experience management solution while also reducing infrastructure costs.


Many Commerce businesses are achieving improved agility by adopting a headless architecture. Our framework can deliver the benefits of Headless Commerce in a robust, scalable, and reliable way with faster time-to-market and better ROI than custom built solutions.


We offer a full range of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions – from a small stand-by DR environment to minimize your recovery time to a complete active-active solution that ensures 100% availability for your commerce systems at any time.


A correctly done integration between Oracle Commerce and your CDN is the key to maximizing gains in site performance. Our Professional Services team has extensive experience delivering integrations that provide benefits of caching without losing the unique personalization capabilities of the Oracle Commerce platform.

Enable Business Innovation with Oracle Commerce on AWS

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