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Oracle Commerce Managed Application Services


Oracle Commerce Managed Application Services let retailers to take advantage of Pivotree’s deep Oracle Commerce expertise, core managed services and advanced managed services in any datacenter in the world, including their own. Retailers looking to expand into new geographies need no longer worry about finding the specialized expertise they require. And merchants struggling with in-house Oracle Commerce deployments can leverage Pivotree to deliver blazingly fast and rock-solid online shopping experiences and restore confidence in their online retailing initiatives.

Oracle Commerce logoOracle Commerce logo Oracle Commerce Anywhere is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It offers a range of options designed to match merchant needs with Pivotree’s expertise. These options include:

Comprehensive Monitoring and Incident Notification

For merchants with strong internal Oracle Commerce expertise requiring fast root cause analysis and remediation as well as deeper insights into the operation of their Oracle Commerce web store. For these merchants, a comprehensive monitoring and incident notification solution may be all that’s missing.

Core and Advanced Managed Services for Oracle Commerce

For merchants who lack internal Oracle Commerce expertise and are working with an Oracle Solution Partner for development and configuration of their Oracle Commerce platform. In addition to comprehensive monitoring, incident notification and response, Pivotree delivers core managed services like backups, patching, OS administration and administration of underlying components like Oracle Database, Apache, and Java. In addition, merchants can take advantage of Pivotree’s advanced managed services to increase web store performance, confidently meet peak shopping seasons, accelerate root cause analysis and remediation and more.

Oracle Commerce Platform Management

For merchants who have strong internal development teams, but lack expertise installing, configuring, maintaining and optimizing the Oracle Commerce platform and its underlying components. Pivotree manages, monitors and optimizes all aspects of Oracle Commerce, all backed by industry-leading application SLAs.

Diagram of Services

Diagram of services: Advanced managed services, Comprehensize monitoring, Oracle platform Management, Core managed services, Infrastructure


Leverage Infrastructure Anywhere in the World

Oracle Commerce Anywhere enables you to leverage Pivotree’s expertise on any infrastructure environment running Oracle Commerce. That means merchants who are expanding geographically can confidently rely on Pivotree to install, configure, manage and optimize their Oracle Commerce platform anywhere in the world. It also means that customers with existing infrastructure investments, either on-premise or hosted at another provider, can immediately take advantage of Pivotree’s expertise without a costly and cumbersome migration.

Full Compliment of Core and Advanced Managed Services

Merchants leveraging Oracle Commerce Anywhere benefit from a full complement of core and advanced managed services designed specifically for Oracle Commerce. Monitoring, backups, patching, OS administration and administration of Oracle Commerce components like Oracle Database, Apache and Java are all included. In addition, advanced managed services for site optimization, site testing, application performance monitoring and more are available to increase the performance of your web store.

Flexible Service Delivery Model

Oracle Commerce Anywhere is designed to be flexible and map to merchants’ current set of operational capabilities. Choose from a number of options and capabilities that complement your own, like comprehensive monitoring and incident notification, core and advanced managed services and complete turnkey management of your platform.


Comprehensive Monitoring and Incident Notification

Pivotree has assembled a range of monitoring capabilities to ensure the smooth operation of your Oracle Commerce web store, including:

  • Availability Monitoring that continually tracks the uptime of your web store and alerts you and Pivotree when downtime occurs.
  • Performance Monitoring that tracks server CPU, RAM and storage utilization and provides historical trending for better capacity management.
  • Oracle Commerce Monitoring developed by Pivotree to monitor the health and performance of key Oracle Commerce components like Oracle Database, Apache and Java.
  • Application Performance Monitoring that automatically tracks performance and resource utilization at the code level, dramatically speeding up root cause analysis and remediation of performance issues before they affect your shopping experience.

Our team of monitoring experts reviews, correlates, and communicates incidents 24×7, providing holistic and integrated incident reports that help your team quickly find and fix issues with your web store.

Core and Advanced Managed Services

Pivotree‘s core managed services are specifically designed to ensure that your Oracle Commerce web store runs smoothly and recovers quickly in the event of an incident. Pivotree’s core managed services consist of the following:

  • Backups of your data and application code based on your recovery time (RTO) and recovery point (RPO) objectives, all fully managed by Pivotree.
  • Patching of your operating system and key components of Oracle Commerce like Oracle Database, Apache and Java.
  • OS Administration that addresses the day-to-day maintenance of your Oracle Commerce infrastructure. Examples include user administration, file system management and service/process management.
  • Oracle Commerce Component Administration that addresses the installation, configuration, management and optimization of key components like Oracle Database, Apache and Java.
  • Security Services like intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, file integrity and log management and more.

Additionally, Pivotree offers a compliment of advanced managed services designed to help increase revenues and ROI. These include:

  • Automatic Front End Optimization and CDN that dramatically speeds the performance of your Oracle Commerce web store across all geographic locations, device types and networks, all without changing a single line of code.
  • Cloud-Based Load Testing that enables us to identify and work with you to resolve performance bottlenecks before they affect your peak shopping season.
  • Application Performance Monitoring that dramatically speeds root cause analysis and remediation by identifying performance bottlenecks at the code level.
  • PCI Compliance Services that dramatically speed compliance and provide merchants with a high degree of control over their shopping cart experience.
  • Data Protection Services that deliver secure offsite backup and encryption of data in transit and at rest.

Oracle Commerce Platform Management

Pivotree combines installation, configuration, management and optimization of Oracle Commerce and industry leading application SLAs to deliver a turnkey solution for merchants. The result is a scalable, secure and high-performing ecommerce delivery platform that’s fully managed by Pivotree, enabling merchants to fully focus on more important facets of the commerce value chain like merchandising, fulfillment, marketing and more.

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