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Magento Silver Hosting PartnerTo succeed in today’s competitive online retailing environment, Magento merchants need more than just responsive infrastructure, reliable networks, and managed services. They need a partner that can help them anticipate emerging ecommerce challenges and opportunities. Someone who can help them discover, vet and integrate innovative technologies and partners. And ultimately help them deliver more revenue and a remarkable customer experience.

Tenzing is an ecommerce specialist that partners with Magento merchants to understand their ecommerce objectives and deliver the right solutions to help drive the growth of their Magento storefronts. Whether it’s helping you increase the performance of your SEO, reducing shopping cart abandonment rates or ensuring that your Magento store delivers during your peak shopping season, everything we do has a singular focus: driving results for your Magento store with our Magento Optimized Hosting options.

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Key Benefits

Better Performing SEO

The arrival of new search engine algorithms like Google Panda has placed greater emphasis on the importance of page speed. Slower performing pages translate to lower page rank, ultimately driving up the costs of acquiring new customers. Traditional CDN technology only goes so far in addressing this challenge. It does nothing to address page speed on the variety of end-point devices and networks that deliver your shopping experience to your customers.Site Optimizer is a fully managed service from Tenzing that combines dynamic front-end optimization (FEO) and scalable cloud-based caching to deliver substantially faster page performance. Site Optimizer typically reduces page load times by as much as 40% to 80% on any device that your customers use to do business with you. Best of all, it requires no code changes to your Magento store and is continually optimized by Tenzing to deliver blazingly fast page performance.

Higher Conversion Rates and Loyalty

The success of your Magento store is directly tied to your ability to convert visitors into buyers and keep them coming back for more. There are many factors that affect conversion and loyalty, but none is more vital than the consistent performance of your Magento store. Tenzing combines advanced application performance monitoring and cloud-based multi-endpoint load testing to quickly identify performance bottlenecks and thresholds in your Magento code – before they ever affect conversions. Tenzing also delivers dynamic front-end optimization (FEO) and cloud-based content caching to dramatically accelerate the performance of your Magento store where it matters most – your customer’s device. The result is dramatically faster page loads across desktops, tablets and smartphones, fewer abandoned carts, and more repeat business for your Magento store – even during peak shopping seasons.

Peak Performance When It Matters

Tenzing understands how important your peak holiday shopping seasons are to your business. That is why we start working with our Magento merchants months earlier to ensure things run smoothly. We review historic and projected capacity projections and develop infrastructure scaling plans. We leverage advanced services like application performance monitoring and multi-endpoint load testing to validate these plans. We help identify and mitigate performance bottlenecks before they affect shoppers. And we scale our operations teams during these peak seasons and give them one mission – to ensure that your Magento store delivers.

Remarkable Omnichannel Experiences

Today’s consumers demand more from online retailers. They want to search for products on their smartphones to check pricing, availability and reviews from fellow shoppers. They want to purchase products on their tablets. They want the option to ship merchandise to their local retail outlet or to their home. They want the option of returning merchandise in-store or through the mail. And they want it all now. Tenzing understands these challenges and the importance of teamwork in delivering on this promise. That’s why Tenzing developed the most advanced delivery and management processes in the industry specifically designed for merchants and brand manufacturers doing ecommerce – The Summit with Tenzing Approach. Leveraging clear, detailed responsibility matrices and ITIL®best practices in incident, change and problem management, Tenzing ensures that everyone involved in delivering your omnichannel experience – your internal teams, your Magento solution partner, industry solution partners, even Magento itself – all understand the role that they play and are held accountable for delivering a seamless operational environment for you to conduct commerce. The result is consistent delivery of your omnichannel experience anytime, anywhere, and anyway that your customers choose.

Key Features

Core Managed Services

Optimized Reference Architectures

In order for Magento to run optimally and scale, it requires the right combination of infrastructure and software configured for performance. Tenzing offers optimized LAMP configurations that leverage components like Memcached, Redis and Varnish to deliver significantly greater performance. In addition, Tenzing offers more advanced reference architectures based on technologies like NGINX and Percona MySQL to deliver even greater performance gains. Each of these options can be deployed on either bare metal infrastructure or a hybrid configuration consisting of cloud and bare metal infrastructure. The result is significantly higher price/performance from your underlying infrastructure and the ability to scale quickly when and if you need it.

Top Tier Facilities

Tenzing delivers your infrastructure in top-tier datacenter facilities that offer 2(N+1) power redundancy, redundant Tier 1 network fabric, advanced environmental management technology, and hardened physical security measures. Our facilities are ISO and AT-101certified, and backed by industry-leading SLAs.

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Core Managed Services

Tenzing offers an array of core managed services designed to keep your Magento store running smoothly and minimize the burden on your internal teams. These include services like Linux system administration, patching, backups, monitoring and more – all backed by a team of Magento infrastructure and software experts 24x7x365.

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Advanced Managed Services

In addition to core managed services, Tenzing also offers a compliment of industry leading advanced managed services that deliver even greater performance, reliability and security. These include turnkey solutions for application performance monitoring, multi-endpoint load testing, cloud-based data backup, PCI compliance and DoS mitigation and prevention.

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Industry Leading Ecommerce Operational Model

The Summit with Tenzing approach to managed services delivery is a RACI and ITIL-based, ISO certified operational model that delivers predictable and positive outcomes for your business. It clearly identifies roles and responsibilities across the team of professionals that deliver your commerce experience. This includes your internal teams, Tenzing, your Magento solution partner and even Magento itself, ensuring everyone understand their role and everyone is held accountable for results.

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Security and Compliance

Tenzing annually maintains major industry certifications including ISO 27001, SSAE 16 type II and PCI DSS. These third-party audits demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing the highest levels of security for our Magento clients.

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