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Intershop Optimized Hosting


Intershop is a powerful commerce platform that helps B2C retailers and B2C merchants deliver seamless omni-channel experiences and manage complex international business relationships. Ensuring that Intershop hosting delivers optimal performance and reliability is critical to your success. But deploying and managing the complex infrastructure and software required to deliver that performance and reliability detracts from what’s truly important: delivering remarkable shopping experiences that increase revenues and foster long term customer loyalty. Fortunately, there’s a better way through our optimized Intershop hosting.

Intershop Optimized Hosting is a fully managed service offering from Pivotree that delivers optimal performance and reliability for Intershop powered retail websites. It delivers robust, scalable infrastructure and a full compliment of core managed services designed to keep your Intershop store running smoothly. It also delivers powerful advanced managed services like site optimization, application performance monitoring, load testing, and more designed to deliver optimal performance on any device that your customers use. The result is a seamless performance and rock-solid reliability, even during peak shopping periods, and the freedom to focus on what truly matters to your business.


Focus on Commerce, Not Infrastructure

Pivotree’s Intershop Optimized Hosting solution delivers powerful, scalable infrastructure, a full compliment of core managed services, and innovative advanced managed services designed to deliver blazingly fast reliable performance. Everything is managed for you by Tenzing’s team of Intershop infrastructure and Operational experts and backed by industry leading SLAs. Which means that you can confidently focus on delivering remarkable, multi-channel shopping experiences and leave the rest to Tenzing.

Avoid Costly Capital Investments

With Pivotree you can avoid a costly, upfront capital infrastructure investments in favor of an operational expense model that scales as your business grows. And our team of Intershop experts will work with you to continually evaluate your capacity requirements to ensure that your environment is right-sized to deliver cost-effective performance no matter what comes your way.

Performance That Drives Results

By delivering scalable, optimized infrastructure designed specifically for Intershop and advanced managed services for omnichannel site performance, Pivotree can help dramatically increase page performance across your store. Faster page speed translates into higher page rank, higher user engagement, and ultimately increased revenues for your Intershop store.


Optimized Reference Architectures for Intershop

Pivotree’s Intershop Optimized Hosting employs advanced, hybrid reference architectures that are specifically designed to deliver superior performance. Developed in partnership with Intershop, and based on previous deployments and experience, they combine bare-metal infrastructure, cloud infrastructure and a tuned software stack that have been rigorously tested to provide scalability and speed.

Automated Front-End Optimization and Caching

Pivotree’s Site Optimizer is a solution that delivers automated front-end optimization and caching for Intershop hosting web stores. It requires no code changes to deploy, and can dramatically improve site performance by as much as 80% across a wide range of end-user device types.

Advanced Security Included

Intershop Optimized Hosting includes a range of security features that protect your store from malicious attacks. These include antivirus, critical system protection, IDS, managed firewalls and more. You also have the option of leveraging advanced security options like DoS mitigation that protects against a wide range of incursions, including ICMP and UDP floods, Port Scans, SYN attack and Distributed Reflection DoS.

Layered Monitoring

Pivotree employs layered monitoring to continually assess the performance and health of your Intershop hosting store. This includes site availability monitoring, performance monitoring, component monitoring, synthetic transaction monitoring and global URL monitoring. In addition, you can optionally employ application performance monitoring to track the performance of your Intershop code and dramatically speed root cause analysis and remediation.

Advanced Managed Services

In addition to a full compliment of core managed services, Pivotree also offers a range of advanced managed services designed to improve the performance of your Intershop store. These include solutions for site optimization, scalable cloud-based load testing, application performance monitoring, PCI compliance and more. These solutions help ensure that your Intershop hosting store delivers a remarkable customer experience, even during peak shopping seasons.

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