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Seamless Omnichannel Delivery


Today’s shoppers want to seamlessly interact with your brand across a range of touchpoints. They may search for products on mobile phones, buy products on their tablets, laptops or desktops, and pick-up orders in-store while taking advantage of the latest online and offline promotions. Ensuring this seamless omnichannel experience is your mission, which is why you need Hybris. With powerful features for mobile development, backoffice integration and in-store enablement, Hybris Optimized Hosting makes delivering a remarkable omnichannel experience easier. But ensuring that your Hybris web store delivers optimal performance, even in the face of peak periods of shopping activity, can be challenging. It also distracts from your core mission: delivering engaging omnichannel experiences.

Hybris Optimized Hosting is a comprehensive managed services and infrastructure solution that ensures that your Hybris web store delivers superior performance and reliability. It delivers robust, scalable infrastructure and a full range of core managed services designed to keep your Hybris store running smoothly. It also delivers powerful advanced managed services like site optimization, application performance monitoring, load testing and more to deliver optimal performance no matter how your shoppers interact with your brand. The result is a seamless and responsive omnichannel experience, even during peak shopping periods.

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Focus on Omnichannel, Not Infrastructure

Tenzing’s Hybris Optimized Hosting delivers powerful, scalable infrastructure, a full range of core managed services, and innovative advanced manages services designed to deliver fast, reliable performance. Tenzing’s team of Hybris infrastructure and operational experts manages everything for you. That means you can confidently focus on delivering remarkable omnichannel shopping experiences and leave the rest to Tenzing.

Invest in Growth, Not Infrastructure

You can avoid expensive, upfront capital infrastructure investments in favor of an operational expense model that scales as your business grows. Tenzing’s team of Hybris experts will also work with you to continually evaluate your capacity requirements and ensure that your solution is right-sized to deliver cost-effective performance.

Performance That Delivers Results

Tenzing’s scalable infrastructure and advanced managed services are specifically designed to deliver optimal site performance for Hybris. Tenzing can help dramatically increase page performance across your omnichannel experience. Faster page performance translates into better performing SEO, greater user engagement, and ultimately increased revenues.


Optimized Reference Architectures for SAP Hybris

Tenzing employs advanced, hybrid reference architectures that are designed to deliver peak performance. Developed in partnership with Hybris, they combine bare-metal infrastructure, cloud infrastructure and a tuned software stack that have been rigorously tested to deliver reliable performance.

Automated Front-End Optimization and Caching

Site Optimizer is Tenzing’s automated front-end optimization and caching solution for Hybris web stores. It requires no code changes to deploy, and dramatically improves omnichannel site performance by as much as 80% across a wide range of end-user device types.

Advanced Security Included

Hybris Optimized Hosting offers a range of security features that protect your store from malicious attacks and data breaches. These features include antivirus, critical system protection, IDS, managed firewalls and more. You can also leverage advanced security features like DoS mitigation that protects against a wide range of incursions, including ICMP and UDP floods, Port Scans, SYN attack and Distributed Reflection DoS.

Layered Monitoring

Tenzing’s layered approach to monitoring ensures the performance and health of your Hybris omnichannel experience. Our solution includes availability monitoring, performance monitoring, component monitoring, synthetic transaction monitoring and global URL monitoring and delivers a holistic, customer-centric view of system performance and availability. In addition, you can optionally employ advanced application performance monitoring to track the performance of your Hybris code and dramatically speed root cause analysis and remediation of performance bottlenecks.

Advanced Managed Services

Tenzing offers a range of advanced managed services designed to Improve the performance of your Hybris store. These include solutions for site optimization, scalable cloud-based load testing, application performance monitoring, PCI compliance and more. These solutions help ensure that your Hybris store delivers a remarkable omnichannel experience, even during peak shopping seasons.

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    “Since January 2015, Laura Geller Beauty, LLC has worked closely with Tenzing to take our proprietary e-commerce business to the next level. They have proven to be a valuable technology partner and played a key role in our significant double-digit growth last year. As a premier AWS partner, Tenzing has the experience and expertise we need. Along with keeping our online store running at peak performance, the Tenzing team helps us with capacity planning, cost management, and the ability quickly and smoothly scale up or down. With a genuine passion for our success, Tenzing responds promptly to our needs and continually looks for ways to help us improve.”

    Jessica Caridada, Senior Manager,
    E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

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