distil networks

Bot Detection and Mitigation

Distil Networks is the global leader in Bot detection and mitigation offering the first software-as-a-service solution focused on stopping automated attacks to make the web more secure. Distil works like a protective shield and blocks malicious bots, malware, and competitors that try to scrape or copy your website data without permission.


  • Get faster page load times and guaranteed performance to present a high quality user experience and protect your brand value.
  • Improve SEO Rankings by preventing content re-distribution and maintaining your single source of information.
  • Maximize your competitive advantage, protect prices and listings and save money by preventing and detecting click fraud.


  • Detect and Block known malicious bots using several layers of proactive detection, in real time.
  • Protect website content from malicious bot attacks, web scraping, and screen scraping.
  • Differentiate genuine form submissions from form spam submitted by malicious bots and abusers

Founded in 2011, Distil Networks is the leading public and private cloud security provider that blocks malicious bots, or automated computer programs, attacking your website. With a mission of making the web more secure, Distil Networks mitigates against duplicate content, improves SEO strength and accelerates the end-user experience – all while reducing infrastructure costs. The setup to stop bots is lightning–fast, secure, and completely transparent. Stop bot attacks with Distil Networks today.