Demac Media AffiliateTraction Extension Suite

The Demac extension suite provides merchants with the software to simplify integration between their Magento installation and global affiliate channels, unifying efforts across multiple networks and verticals while creating efficiencies that reduce strains on technical and marketing departments through automation of both setup and ongoing tasks.


  • Access the leading global affiliate marketing agency and their comprehensive suite of affiliate channel and brand compliance services.
  • Integrate with 15 Affiliate networks in 10 countries
  • Supports global, cross-network platform product feeds, and the triple redundant AffiliateTraction tracking container pixel all in a single instance of Magento


  • Implement the AffiliateTraction pixel without the need to directly modify code in the checkout
  • Configure the pixel in multiple currencies and multiple accounts
  • Upload multiple product feeds and map attributes from Magento to AffiliateTraction

Demac Media is an award winning full-service eCommerce agency with offices in New York, Toronto, and Montreal. As a Magento Gold Solutions Partner, our vast expertise makes us a strategic part of our customers’ online businesses. With a focus on delivering agile business solutions to digital merchants, we continue to power some of the top online retailers. Our ideal merchant is one that values innovation and agility, someone not afraid to walk the bleeding edge of eCommerce. We’re a team of strategists; designers and developers who help merchants build and grow strong eCommerce businesses. It’s our undeterred focus on all things Commerce that has established Demac Media as an industry leader.

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