Ecommerce Hosting

As your ecommerce operation grows, it becomes a critical contributor to the success of your company. It also becomes more complex to manage and maintain. High availability, performance, scalability and risk-free security are essential in keeping your online store open for business. Achieving these goals internally puts tremendous pressure on the IT department to find and keep specialized talent plus provide 24×7 support for such a demanding environment. Why invest this much time, money and effort when there’s clearly a better way?

Tenzing is a highly specialized managed services provider and we know ecommerce! We have been designing, deploying and managing revenue-generating ecommerce hosting infrastructure for more than a decade and managing a range of ecommerce applications for the past 5 years. By leveraging our resources and expertise, you can focus on increasing online sales, while we provide and operate the foundation that keeps you up and running around the clock. Whether you have built your own ecommerce site from the ground up, or have chosen a major platform technology, Tenzing can help. We have experience and expertise in with some of the leading platforms in the industry including Oracle ATG, Magento, IBM WebSphere Commerce,  Hybris, Intershop and others. We also offer a number of ecommerce related services to help with PCI compliance, application performance monitoringDoS mitigation, and more.

  • la Vie en Rose

    "Tenzing’s monitoring tools enable us to quickly review the status of infrastructure and it allows Tenzing to notify us the moment a failure occurs, be it hardware, software or even in the business layer of our e-commerce operations. That means we maintain high availability of our site, which always translates to what retailers like most: sale transactions!"

    Martin-Alexandre Beaulieu, Director of Development and Business Methods, la Vie en Rose

Why Clients Choose Tenzing

Availability and Expertise

With ecommerce clients such as JD Irving, Sporting Life, Empire Theatres, Exito and Princess Auto, we know downtime is not an option. Our mission is to ensure your store is always open for business, every hour of every day. Our top-tier facilities, leading technologies, skilled people and proven ITIL processes make the difference.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Speed impacts the online buying process and we do everything possible to enhance the online shopping experience. We work together with our clients and partners to continually monitor and optimize their systems for peak performance.

Operational Support

Our support teams work non-stop in monitoring your environment and managing service requests. We also assign ecommerce clients a dedicated ITIL-certified, Technical Account Manager to guide you through implementation and provide high-touch, ongoing support.

Capacity Planning and Scale

Your goal is to grow your online business and our job is to make sure the infrastructure can support that growth. We design our solutions to provide ample capacity long after launch, and the ability to scale quickly as needed. By working together and leveraging our Everest Hybrid Cloud platform, we can also help you manage promotional and seasonal spikes in traffic.

Security and Compliance

PCI Compliance Logo

Tenzing annually maintains major industry certifications including ISO 27001, SSAE 16 type II and PCI DSS. These third-party audits further demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest levels of security for our clients.

Substantial Cost Savings

As you build your online business, containing cost is important. There are efficiencies we gain by being focused, making us extremely cost-effective compared to in-house hosting or less specialized providers. We have helped our ecommerce clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars and we can help you too. You made a wise choice investing in your ecommerce business, but as powerful as your software platform is, it simply won’t run without reliable, fast and secure infrastructure. That’s why more and more companies choose Tenzing. Contact us today for more information. Even if you have ecommerce questions that are not specific to hosting, we would be please to leverage our vast network of expert partners to help. 


What’s Next?

To learn more about Tenzing’s ecommerce hosting services, please contact one of our ecommerce consultants or call us toll free at 877-767-5577.