Tenzing allows Oracle Commerce users to focus on growing sales and delivering customer value, not managing servers, networks, databases and storage. Working closely with Oracle and often your SI, we can design, implement and tune your oracle commerce environment, delivering the commerce platform you need for an optimal user experience.

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Best in Class Performance,
managed by Oracle Commerce Experts

Our support and service delivery teams have years of ATG / Oracle Commerce experience and  the expertise to optimize your environment.

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Increased Security and Simplified Compliance

Tenzing maintains major industry certifications including ISO, AT-101 and PCI DSS as well as offering enhanced security services to protect your environment.

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High Value, Cost Effective Solutions

As an ecommerce specialist Tenzing can leverage effiencies to build a solution to fit your budget, maximizing the value over in-house or less specialized hosting providers.

Oracle Commerce, Managed by Tenzing

Managed Services

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Comprehensive Monitoring

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Platform and Application Management

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Flexible Infrastructure

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Managed Services

Tenzing ‘s managed services are specifically designed to ensure efficient implementation and optimal performance. We leverage proven reference architectures so that your Oracle Commerce web store provides an exceptional user experience for your brand.. They include:

  • Platform and Application Management including the installation, configuration, management and optimization of the full software stack, from the operating system to the commerce application itself.

  • Security Services like intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus and file integrity monitoring.

  • OS Administration for day-to-day maintenance including user administration, file system management and service/process management.

  • Patching of your operating system and key components including Oracle Database, Apache and Java.

  • Backups of your data and application code based on your recovery time (RTO) and recovery point (RPO) objectives.

  • Performance Load Testing for cloud based multi-endpoint load testing to simulate peak load on your site across a range of geographies, device types and networks.

  • DDoS Mitigation with a fully managed, cloud-based solution that continuously analyzes and removes suspicious traffic, allowing you to continue your business, even under extreme Denial of Service attack conditions.

  • PCI Compliant Card Tokenization that enables you to accept credit cards without processing or storing credit card information in your environment, dramatically simplifying your PCI compliance.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Tenzing has assembled a range of monitoring capabilities to ensure the smooth operation of your Oracle Commerce web store, including:

  • Availability Monitoring that continually tracks the uptime of your web store and alerts you and Tenzing when downtime occurs

  • Performance Monitoring that tracks server CPU, RAM and storage utilization and provides historical trending for better capacity management.

  • Oracle Commerce Monitoring developed by Tenzing to monitor the health and performance of key Oracle Commerce components like Oracle Database, Apache and Java.

  • Application Performance Monitoring that automatically tracks performance and resource utilization at the code level, dramatically speeding up root cause analysis and remediation of performance issues before they affect your shopping experience.

Our team of monitoring experts reviews, correlates and communicates incidents 24×7, providing holistic and integrated incident reports that help your team quickly find and fix issues with your web store.

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Monitoring Best Practices for Oracle Commerce

What are the different types of monitoring available for Oracle Commerce? What is the right mix for your store? Monitoring systems are an invaluable part of your ecommerce operation – they can alert you to problems before your customer experience is affected. Download our whitepaper today to learn about advanced monitoring options for your Oracle Commerce storefront.

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 Platform and Application Management

Today’s retailers and systems integrators need a partner that understand how important it is to facilitate rapid change in an agile marketplace. Our operations teams work closely with your commerce development group to provide the installation, configuration, management and optimization of Oracle Commerce with industry leading application SLAs. The result is a turnkey solution that delivers a scalable, secure and high-performing ecommerce environment.

Beyond platform management, Tenzing’s application level support implements, tunes and secures your commerce application for a high performance user experience. Our application support begins during implementation, continues during your peak season, all the way through to your next upgrade. Our level of engagement can be customized to your project needs, including the support of a DevOps or agile approach.  


Whether you are re-platforming or upgrading, our expert teams will coordinate the implementation of your solution across all of your partners in an efficient, accurate manner.

  • Deploy all infrastructure, middleware, and commerce applications
  • Document, review and automate application deployment procedures
  • Fine tune database / cluster configuration
  • Install, configure and secure application server
  • Deploy and configure commerce platform components including storefront, CA/CSC, BCC, OBIEE, Endeca
  • Deploy and configure supporting services (NFS)
  • Configure monitoring of third party integrations
  • Deploy, validate and performance tune commerce application


Tenzing support includes services necessary to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of your commerce platform.  We work closely and carefully with systems integrators and retailers to ensure that responsibilities are clearly delineated across teams and support is delivered seamlessly.

  •  EAR file deployment scripting / automation
  • Customer-specific operating procedures
  • Full 24×7 commerce stack performance monitoring and management of the hardware and file system, database, synthetic user and application transactions
  • Patch management
  • ITIL-compliant incident and problem management processes
  • Commerce stack ongoing performance tuning
  • Upgrade planning / consultation

Flexible Infrastructure

Tenzing offers a range of infrastructure options designed to enable you to leverage Oracle Commerce expertise on any infrastructure environment.  Our infrastructure and services designed to be flexible and map to merchants’ current set of operational capabilities.


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Tenzing Datacenters

Tenzing’s Grade Tier 3+ datacenters’s are fully redundant sites with 100% network and infrastructure availability. Our datacenters are not only engineered to suffer multiple points of failure and stay operational during upgrades and maintenance periods but also to be environmentally responsible through super efficient, state-of-the-art power and cooling technologies. Tenzing offers fully dedicated and clustered servers with a 1 hour hardware replacement SLA, backed by 24x7x365 onsite support.  All of Tenzing’s datacenters have been audited by third parties and are ISO, AT-101 certified.


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 AWS Datacenters

For merchants looking to build a scalable environment, Tenzing offers Oracle Commerce on AWS, managed by Tenzing. Merchants can leverage the scalability of AWS without being bogged down by the complexity of the platform. Tenzing’s in house Oracle team has worked diligently to build and test various options for hosting Oracle Commerce on AWS efficiently; all supported by Tenzing’s core and advanced managed services.


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 Oracle Commerce Anywhere

Oracle Commerce Anywhere is a service that enables retailers to take advantage of Tenzing’s deep Oracle Commerce expertise, core and advanced managed services in any datacenter in the world, including their own. That means merchants who are expanding geographically can confidently rely on Tenzing to install, configure, manage and optimize their Oracle Commerce platform anywhere in the world. It also means that customers with existing infrastructure investments, either on-premise or hosted at another provider, can immediately take advantage of Tenzing’s expertise without a costly and cumbersome migration.




Watch this video to learn about the many benefits of our new Optimized Managed Services for Oracle Commerce (ATG) on AWS.


Regardless of the infrastructure, retailers that work with Tenzing to manage their Oracle Commerce platform benefit from a full compliment of core and advanced managed services designed specifically for Oracle Commerce. Monitoring, backups, patching, OS administration and administration of Oracle Commerce components like Oracle Database, Apache and Java are all included. In addition, advanced managed services for site optimizationsite testingapplication performance monitoring and more are available to increase the performance of your Oracle Commerce web store.

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