Why Tenzing is the Leading ATG Commerce Hosting Provider

Did you know that more retailers run their ATG commerce site with Tenzing than with any other hosting provider? Considering the number of hosting options out there, that level of client commitment is impressive. Here are five reasons why most merchants choose Tenzing:

  1. Your Uptimes are Our Priority. We understand that in today’s hyper-competitive online marketplace, downtimes are simply not an option. Our combination of expertise, availability, and customer focus ensures that your site is always available to customers exactly when they want to buy.
  2. We Understand What Customers Demand. Performance has a huge overall affect on the customer experience. Countless studies have shown that slow load times have a severe impact on short and long-term conversions. We have devised strategies to help ATG commerce retailers ensure fast page load speeds under any conditions.
  3. Our Support Teams are Always Here for You. An ATG commerce hosting partner is just that, a partner. We take our client’s issues seriously, which is why we offer round-the-clock monitoring and 24-hour support. We even assign you a personal technical account manager tasked with learning your business and tailoring our services to better meet your needs.
  4. Our Services Grow with You. Having an appropriately-sized infrastructure is essential for success in ecommerce. That’s why we’ve designed all of our offerings to be flexible enough to handle changing demands, and to scale with you when major growth is on the horizon. You can rely on one ATG hosting partner to serve you from the startup stages onwards.
  5. We Help You Lower Costs. Online businesses can’t expect to carve out a niche for themselves if they can’t keep costs in check. Our unique focus on ATG commerce allows up to provide extremely efficient services which save our clients money throughout the budget. Cost savings are especially significant when compared to in-house management or relying on a hosting provider with less of an ATG commerce focus.

Are you ready to find out why most retailers run their ATG commerce site with us than any other hosting provider? If you’re ready to partner with a hosting provider that can deliver more at every stage, contact Tenzing.

Aisling McCaffrey

Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap
Aisling is our Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap, and loves working with both technology and humans. She studied International Business (concentrating in Marketing) and has spent several years living and working in China, mostly in Shanghai, where she became passionate about global innovation and how the use of social media changes in different cultures. Aisling likes to keep up on internet trends - from business to memes - and is always looking for new ways to learn or entertain herself.