Top Magento Hosting Providers Offer More than Just Infrastructure

Relying on Magento hosting providers that only provide infrastructure forces you to spend unnecessary resources trying to optimize site performance and maintain a consistent customer experience. Instead of connecting with your target audience, you end up focusing on technical challenges. The top Magento hosting providers can offer you a comprehensive suite of tools designed to minimize the impact of common threats and issues while providing you with the Magento expertise you need to effectively manage your online store. Below is a list of services you should expect, and you shouldn’t accept any less.

Consistent Uptime

Infrastructure is important, but if the server should fail for any reason, your site goes with it. Top Magento hosting providers have backed up their data centers with multiple redundant power sources, network connections, and security measures to guarantee consistent uptimes.

Scalable Solutions

If your Magento hosting provider can only deliver infrastructure, then you may find it difficult to scale up your capabilities as quickly or cost effectively as your business requires. In order to keep your IT budget manageable and avoid paying for capabilities you don’t need, turn to a hosting provider that can offer you fast and flexible options for scalability.

Affordable Disaster Recovery

The top Magento hosting providers can provide you with affordable and reliable disaster recovery that is backed by at least 99.99% site availability SLA. Additionally, these disaster recovery tools are be paired with managed services like layered monitoring to ensure that disasters are avoided entirely.


Unless you have a team monitoring your site at all times for availability, performance, and component issues, it’s impossible to guarantee that everything is running as it should. The best hosting providers monitor these issues for you while reporting data back through intuitive graphical interfaces.

AWS Cloud Offerings

Traditional infrastructure solutions simply aren’t enough for today’s online retailers. The top Magento hosting providers are able to utilize the flexibility of the cloud to provide you with services like global load testing.

As you can see, the top Magento hosting providers offer more than just a simple tech service – they are partners invested in your business. To reap all of these benefits and so many more, rely on the comprehensive set of Magento hosting solutions provided by Tenzing. Get the process started by taking our free Retail Readiness Assessment.

Aisling McCaffrey

Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap
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