Speaking of Holidays….

Whether you celebrated the 4th of July on Friday or were off for Canada Day last Tuesday, I think everyone is coming back to work this week with holidays on their mind. At Tenzing, we’re no different – except we’re already talking about the holidays that fall between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Last month, our director of IT Operations Elizabeth Scott joined our partner SOASTA to talk through her Holiday checklist for retail success. From infrastructure to campaign management Elizabeth provides a lot of actionable information for retailers looking to make Holiday 2014 their best yet .

And we’re not alone – our partner Springbot is celebrating holiday planning with Christmas in July. We’re on their blog this week talking about 12 tips to make sure your ecommerce store is ready for the holiday season – let us know if we missed any.

If you’re a retailer looking to prepare for your peak season we want to help! We have a suite of advanced manage services that can help you prepare for and manage through your peak season. We’re so confident in our services we’ll let you try them for free!

We are excited to offer a free retail readiness assessment to review your store’s performance strategy. Our assessment includes a load test, an application performance monitoring trial and an evaluation of your site’s current infrastructure and strategy. We’ll benchmark it against retail industry best practices and work with you on a remediation plan. Interested in learning more? Email testmysite@tenzing.com for details.

Aisling McCaffrey

Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap
Aisling is our Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap, and loves working with both technology and humans. She studied International Business (concentrating in Marketing) and has spent several years living and working in China, mostly in Shanghai, where she became passionate about global innovation and how the use of social media changes in different cultures. Aisling likes to keep up on internet trends - from business to memes - and is always looking for new ways to learn or entertain herself.