So is it ATG or Oracle Commerce?

the story of ATG and Oracle Commerce

Mergers and Acquisitions are extremely commonplace in IT, but for those new to the industry, it can be confusing. The minute you start shopping for an enterprise ecommerce platform you are likely to run into a great example.

Oracle is listed as a leader in both Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce as well as Forrester’s 2015 B2C Commerce Suites Wave. Almost all mid-market retailers consider Oracle Commerce when they are making an ecommerce platform decision, but doing your research can get confusing. The Oracle website says Oracle Commerce, the analyst reports say Oracle, and it won’t be long before someone mentions ATG.

What is ATG?

Before you worry about having another platform to consider, or another element that’ll need to be integrated, fear not. ATG is leftover terminology from the company that Oracle acquired back in 2011.

The Art Technology Group (ATG) was founded by two MIT graduates in 1991. For the majority of the nineties, it operated a consulting service, before transitioning to a software company and focusing on commerce applications at the turn of the century.

What about Oracle ATG Web Commerce?

By the time of the acquisition, ATG was ranked as the top commerce solution, with over 1000 customers. After joining Oracle, the platform was called ‘Oracle ATG Web Commerce’ for a time, but in the past couple of years Oracle has streamlined its services and now refers to it as simply Oracle Commerce.

And now Oracle Commerce?

At the moment, Oracle Commerce primarily refers the former ATG Web Commerce platform. However, an Oracle Commerce solution may also include search, analytics and customer engagement products.

Oracle Commerce and Tenzing.

Tenzing has provided managed services for ATG/Oracle Commerce in all of its iterations. We provide a mix of infrastructure, managed services and advanced security and performance services to retailers from all over the world, including some in the IR500. We host the Oracle Commerce Platform in our datacentres, on AWS, as well as remotely. Check out some of our customer stories to learn how we help retailers manage their Oracle Commerce Platform.

Aisling McCaffrey

Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap
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