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Site Speed Optimization: Is Your Site Ready for Holiday 2014?

The holiday shopping season is approaching, and if you’re not taking steps to prepare now, you could easily be overwhelmed when the first wave of shoppers hits. One of your most important considerations should be site speed optimization. As most online retailers know, the faster your site runs, the happier your customers are, the more they buy and the quicker they return. The holiday season is too important to your yearly revenues not to take the following steps:

Multi-Platform Optimization

Your site might run fast on a desktop computer, but how does it perform on a mobile device or a tablet? According to research, 15% of all online sales in 2013 came from mobile devices, and another 15% came from tablets. If your site is not blazing fast on all of these platforms, you will miss out on sales.

Load Testing

When your traffic is at its peak this holiday season, will your site slow down, or worse, crash? There is no way to know for sure without conducting load testing. This strategy directs huge amounts of virtual traffic at your site in a simulated environment to see how it performs. If any issues or weaknesses are detected, you can fix them before the real customers arrive.

Performance Monitoring

You can plan for nearly every contingency, but issues will inevitably arise. Unless your site is watchfully monitored round the clock by a system strong enough to identify the smallest inefficiency or malfunction, lagging speeds will affect your customers more than it should. Before the start of Q4, make sure that you have a monitoring and response strategy in place. Without one, there is no way to make site speed optimization a real priority.

If you’re worried that optimizing your site for Omni-channel, performing a load test and setting up advanced monitoring systems sounds like a lot to do in a limited amount of time, you’re right. Make things easier by talking to a partner like Tenzing. We offer all of these services, as well as other advanced management techniques designed to help you maximize your holiday revenues. Contact us today.

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