Magento on AWS vs. Optimized Magento Hosting

Businesses searching for Magento ecommerce solutions have an important consideration to weigh – running Magento on AWS vs. Optimized Magento Hosting on bare metal servers. It’s not an easy choice to make because both solutions offer a number of advantages and hardly any disadvantages. But it’s also a crucial choice to make because the Magento ecommerce solution you rely on will have a huge impact on the future of your online store. This guide lays out the benefits of both options. Learn what each has to offer, and decide whether your online store would benefit more from Magento on AWS or Optimized Magento Hosting on bare metal.

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Benefits of Magento AWS

The many benefits of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud are now more accessible than ever for businesses running a Magento store.

  • Scalability – Since AWS relies on cloud orchestration, it allows you to scale the size of your infrastructure up or down in real-time. This not only helps you respond to sudden spikes in traffic, but it also allows you to grow in a cost-effective and predictable way. Essentially, you only pay for what you use, making Magento AWS an efficient use of your hosting budget.
  • Reliability – When the unexpected happens, Magento on AWS offers tools that help you minimize the effects on your customers. If there is an outage in your primary availability zone, your Magento store is automatically activated in a secondary availability zone. That helps to ensure site availability at a fraction of the cost of other disaster recovery solutions.
  • SLAs – Having your site go down for just a few minutes can have a huge impact on your sales figures and the long-term reputation of your store. Magento on AWS is backed up by the most comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) available in the industry. You can choose between 99.9% site availability or 100%. Either way, it means your customers can always reach you when they are ready to make a purchase.
  • Global Reach – Hosting for Magento on AWS is available in over 50 data centers throughout the world. This extends your reach to international customers on every continent while providing a consistently stellar experience for each new visitor to your store. If you plan on growing, the flexibility and extendibility of Magento on AWS makes it easy.

Benefits of Optimized Magento Hosting

For some businesses, it’s not quite the right time to transition to the cloud. That’s not a problem, because optimized Magento Hosting on bare metal servers has a lot to offer, too.

  • Performance – Optimized Magento Hosting is designed to ensure a consistent customer experience regardless of the device, the browser, or the geographic location. Few factors affect your sales figures more than the performance of your site, and optimized hosting is designed specifically to turn visitors into customers.
  • SEO – New search algorithms place a particular emphasis on site speed, so your rankings could be plummeting if your site is not running fast enough. Optimized Magento Hosting offers tools that help you identify problems that inflate load times and optimize your site to run as fast as possible. Ultimately, that makes it easier for customers to reach your landing page.
  • Preparedness – Shop owners whose sites ran perfectly in June might find themselves scrambling in December if they do not plan in advance for the influx of holiday traffic. Optimized Magento Hosting providers offer services like load testing and performance monitoring that help clients seize the opportunities of the holiday shopping season.

Want to learn more about Magento on AWS and Optimized Magento Hosting? Work with a provider that can provide you with either. Contact the ecommerce hosting specialists at Tenzing.

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