hybris Ecommerce Accelerators

hybris ecommerce accelerators

As one of the leading enterprise platforms for ecommerce, hybris provides a feature-rich suite of tools for merchants. To help companies get started on the platform the company has also built a number of ‘accelerators’, specifically designed to address unique industry requirements. These ‘starter stores’ give merchants a robust set of pre-built features tailored for their vertical.

hybris Ecommerce B2C Accelerator

The time and cost of developing an enterprise webstore can mean many merchants make sacrifices and trade-offs as they get ready to launch. The hybris commerce accelerator includes:

  • Mobile storefronts
  • Integrated hosted payments
  • Multiple checkout setups
  • Analytics and customer intelligence integrations

hybris Ecommerce B2B accelerator

The complexity of a B2B ecommerce environment often dwarfs that of a traditional B2C webstore. With multiple integrations, variable pricing and payment structures and complex account permissions needed, many B2B merchants have been slow to invest in an ecommerce channel. As customers are becoming more comfortable shopping online, many companies now find themselves scrambling to react to customer demand. For those in this situation, the hybris B2B accelerator provides a great starting point, with:

  • The ability to manage all product information in one place and distribute to multiple channels consistently
  • An integrated Order Management Module that can collect cross-channel orders in one hub
  • Allow suppliers to expose their product offerings and catalogs to enterprise buyers’ preferred procurement systems.

hybris Ecommerce Telco Accelerator

While note a traditional retail environment, many telecommunications companies are creating robust online webstores built on enterprise ecommerce platforms like hybris. To support this, hybris has built a telco accelerator that addresses the unique needs of telco providers. When merchants use the hybris telco accelerator, they can;

  • Easily configure subscriptions and integrate with billing
  • Manage accessory compatibility, rule-based discounts, and eligibility
  • Provide context specific purchase flows
  • Support guided selling, cross selling and upselling across devices, plans, and services

hybris Ecommerce Financial Services Accelerator

Another atypical ecommerce merchant is a financial services institution. Whether they are buying from a retail bank or a direct seller, consumers now expect to be able to buy their insurance online. The hybris Financial Services Accelerator gives institutions the starter store to take advantage of that channel. The accelerator includes features like:

  • Custom portraits and dynamic forms for complex policy types
  • Pre-built store fronts for Home, Auto, Life, Event and Renter insurances
  • Guided selling options that include the ability for comparisons
  • A quote review feature that allows users to retrieve, save and review quotes
  • Customizable price and policy options with easy to configure bundling

hybris Ecommerce B2C Commerce Accelerator for China

To help merchants address one of the world’s largest growth markets, hybris has developed a starter web store specifically designed for the Chinese market. Unique requirements and consumer preferences have been considered and built into the accelerator, resulting in features like:

  • Built in plug-ins for integrations with popular Chinese social networking platforms
  • Checkout workflow optimized for the Chinese market (including integration with Alipay)
  • Pre-built storefront templates tailored to the Chinese market, as well as the visual browsing preference of Chinese customers

Using one of the hybris accelerators as a base for your ecommerce storefront enables merchants to launch quickly, without trading off key features or elements of their webstore.

If you’re considering hybris as the platform for your ecommerce channel, don’t forget to closely evaluate where that platform will live (as well as who will take care of patching, updating and supporting the environment). Check out the details of Tenzing’s hybris Optimized hosting solution for more detail.

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