Exploring Advanced Managed Services for Oracle Commerce

Managed services for Oracle commerce come in two forms—core and advanced. Core services are designed to handle the routine back-end maintenance issues that all ecommerce sites have. Advanced managed services go a step further to optimize site performance and ensure the best possible customer experience. Explore the advanced offerings available for Oracle commerce, and decide if your site could benefit from having these tools to work with.

  1. Site Optimization. This combination of automated front-end optimization and CDN service ensures that all customers enjoy a consistent user experience no matter what browser, device, or network location they are using. That means that every visitor to your site sees the best you have to offer.
  2. Cloud-Based Load Testing. The holiday shopping season is here, and your traffic could spike precipitously. If your site is not equipped to handle the extra visitors, it could slow down, or crash. Cloud-based load testing subjects your Oracle commerce site to virtual traffic so that you can identify any vulnerabilities or inefficiencies before that traffic is made up of real shoppers.
  3. DoS Migration. Denial of service (DoS) attacks are on the rise, and ecommerce retailers are one of the most common targets. DoS migration ensures that Oracle commerce retailers can continue to serve customers even under extreme DoS conditions. Shoppers are unaware that there is a problem, and retailers are able to rely on a partner rather than scrambling to deal with the threat themselves.
  4. PCI Compliance. With the threat of data breaches increasing daily, and the weariness of customers at an all time high, PCI compliance is essential. This advanced managed service speeds up the process for attaining PCI compliance while enhancing overall site security. This solution is markedly less expensive than a do-it-yourself approach to PCI compliance.

You can forego advanced managed services and rely only on core services, but it’s important to understand the opportunities you may be missing. If you’re struggling to optimize your site and respond to the ever-evolving challenges facing ecommerce retailers, advance managed solutions are an accessible solution. Contact Tenzing to learn more about how your Oracle commerce site could benefit.

Aisling McCaffrey

Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap
Aisling is our Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap, and loves working with both technology and humans. She studied International Business (concentrating in Marketing) and has spent several years living and working in China, mostly in Shanghai, where she became passionate about global innovation and how the use of social media changes in different cultures. Aisling likes to keep up on internet trends - from business to memes - and is always looking for new ways to learn or entertain herself.