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When trying to select a Magento hosting provider, the focus is often placed on datacenter specs and the terms of the contract. While those are important, don’t devalue the availability of managed services. These are more than minor value-added propositions, but integral parts of service quality.

Here’s why:

Managed Services Improve Performance

Site performance is paramount in the world of ecommerce. Slow site speeds, downtime, and failed transactions can damage your business’ results and reputation. Managed services are designed to resolve issues that can compromise your site performance before they affect your customers. Even if you do not have a robust in-house technical team, managed services allow you to operate with the knowledge that your online store is running at peak performance.

Managed Services Free Up Time and Resources

Managed services handle many of the most routine maintenance and troubleshooting tasks for you including threat prevention, backups, and patching. That means you can spend less time dealing with the back end of your site, and more time focusing on your business. This kind of hands-off approach may be especially appealing for companies that have a limited or non-existent technical staff. By choosing a Magento hosting provider that offers managed services, companies can avoid taking on expensive new staff members.

Advanced Managed Services Optimize Your Site

If typical ‘core’ managed services help you to stay where you are, then advanced managed services help you get to where you want to be. By increasing site speeds, preparing in advance for traffic spikes, improving your SEO, rooting out issues and inefficiencies, they provide your customers with a more secure and enjoyable shopping experience. Best of all, these major site improvements are handled for you, and at one manageable cost.

Instead of paying for less, taking more on your shoulders, and passing over significant opportunities, pick a Magento hosting provider that offers managed services. Reap the benefits of an industry-leading suite of core and advanced managed services by partnering with Tenzing.

Structube is just one example of a retailer that has benefited from Tenzings Magento managed services – read their story here.


Aisling McCaffrey

Demand Marketing Specialist at Thinkwrap
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