Tenzing Web Application Firewall

Many web applications are shipped with undiscovered vulnerabilities and without advanced security your web store is left exposed to attack. Tenzing’s Web Application Firewall helps mitigate these risks by protecting your site and your revenue.


Web Application Firewall protects from OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Protect from Critical Vulnerabilities

The Open Web Application Security Project tracks the top 10 most critical vulnerabilities in web applications. Tenzing’s WAF will protect you from these threats at the application layer and stop zero day attacks.



Web Application Firewall satisfies PCI requirement 6

Meet PCI
Requirement 6

PCI compliance requires merchants to conduct time consuming and costly code reviews or install a WAF. Implementing a cloud based WAF enables you to meet the requirement in the shortest amount of time.



Web Application Firewall includes 24x7x365 support

7 x 24
Security Support

Your ecommerce site is always on – make sure that your security is too. A 24x7x365 team is continuously implementing fixes and updates to prevent emerging threats to your site and ensure your store and customers stay safe.



Protect Your Ecommerce Revenue.



What is a Web Application Firewall?

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) monitors behavior between an application and browser. A WAF works at the application level and can detect known attacks based on stored patterns as well as unknown attacks by monitoring for unusual or unexpected patterns.

Security designed for Ecommerce


  • 30 Points of Presence global network/IP protection or web site protection
  • Protection at network layers 3 and 4 as well as application layer 7
  • Layer 7 behavioural rule base prevent zero day attacks
  • Monitor outbound traffic to prevent credit card and confidential data leakage
  • Reputation monitoring to detect and prevent botnet communication back to home base
  • A WAF is built into each edge node enabling the network to expand in the event of an attack


Flexible Cloud Service


  • Use operational budgets no capital costs
  • No additional infrastructure equipment required
  • No hardware or software installation required
  • Massively scalable cloud platform with 600gbps capacity
  • Leading SLA and response times


Easy to deploy and manage


  • Customizable web interface with access to dashboards, security log filtering and reporting
  • Role based user accounts for management and technical access to management console
  • Security experts respond to alerts in real time, implement rule changes, and updates
  • Daily review of traffic activity



Stay up to date without sacrificing resources

WAF alerts are reviewed in real time and false positives are filtered and removed. Rule changes on a per client basis are implemented automatically with a limited need for customer action.

Simplified implementation

One DNS entry change gets you up and running. There are no hardware or software changes needed, saving you time and resources.


Customized Solution

Customized configuration policies including application (eCommerce) and compliance (PCI) requirements can be applied during deployment.

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