Endeca Search Optimizer


Returning the most relevant product search results is critical to delivering a remarkable customer experience. Larger average order sizes, increased conversions and customer loyalty all hinge on your ability to connect shoppers to the right products seamlessly, and nothing does that better than Endeca. But frequent updates to complex product catalogs make it challenging to maintain optimal search functionality with Endeca. Over-burdened IT teams just don’t have the time and expertise to perform the regular search maintenance that is required to ensure that search algorithms return the most relevant results. And those leading ecommerce initiatives have few, if any, options to fix this problem. Until now.

Endeca Search Optimizer is a turnkey search optimization service designed to deliver optimal search relevancy no matter how often your product catalog gets updated. Tenzing’s team of Endeca search experts works closely with your team to establish and track search KPIs, evaluate search term relevancy, and continually optimize Endeca to deliver relevant search results that drive conversions, increased average order size and customer loyalty. All without impacting your internal development and IT teams.


Improve Conversion Rates

Endeca Search Optimizer improves conversion rates by delivering highly relevant search results, even as your product catalog grows and changes. Shoppers find what they are looking for faster, increasing the likelihood that they will convert during checkout.

Increase Average Order Value

Endeca Search Optimizer not only help shoppers find the products they want, it delivers relevant search results and messaging for associated products. This enables you to cross-sell and upsell when it matters most, as customers are searching and selecting products.

Focus on What Matters Most

Endeca Search Optimizer is a turn-key solution for improving the performance of product search. Tenzing’s team of Endeca search experts manages every aspect of improving the performance of search on your store. This includes everything from identifying key performance indicators to identifying keywords with the highest ROI to continually optimizing Endeca to deliver the best results. That means your team can focus on what matters most, delivering the right products and the right message.


Search Algorithm Optimization

Tenzing optimizes the Endeca search algorithm to ensure it returns the most relevant results in response to any given query. And we continue to optimize Endeca as your product catalog changes and grows to ensure the best ROI for search

Toolset Optimization

Tenzing also optimizes toolsets like thesaurus entries, spelling correction, stemming, auto phrasing and stop words to capture and return the most relevant search results for improved customer experience.

Product Catalog Search Optimization

Tenzing’s team of Endeca experts also works with your business users to establish search optimization best practices for your product catalog. Following these best practices ensures that as new products are added or existing product modified your product catalog is designed to deliver a remarkable search experience.