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Today’s shoppers have no patience for poor performing retail websites. Research has consistently shown that shoppers will abandon a shopping experience when pages take longer than 2 seconds to load. Even worse, half of those shoppers that leave will likely never return. Many online stores meet this performance threshold during normal operations, but not when it matters most. It’s during peak periods of shopping driven by seasonality or campaign activity that their sites degrade. This causes many untold shoppers to abandon retail websites, often with a poor impression of the brand.

Ecommerce load testing can help address this challenge, but traditional approaches to load testing can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. They also fall far short in providing a true representation of production load and its effects on your production retailing environment. This helps explains why load testing has largely remained a niche practice relegated to a select minority of the largest retailers. Fortunately for most mid-size retailers, that is all about to change.

Tenzing Site Tester is a fully managed cloud-based, multi-endpoint load testing service that simulates peak load on your website across a range of geographies, device types and networks. It also speeds root cause analysis and remediation by pinpointing performance issues in real time. Best of all, there is no hardware or software to buy and no busy work to distract your teams. You only pay for the load testing you need when you need it, and our team of performance management experts handles everything else for you including test script creation and root cause analysis.

Key Benefits

Faster Testing and Remediation

Load testing with Site Tester takes days to execute, not the weeks or months traditional approaches to load testing can take. And with real-time analytics, our team of performance experts will be able to help you quickly identify performance bottlenecks and validate fixes before these issues affect your customers and your brand.

Realistic and Meaningful Insights

Site Tester can mimic traffic across a range of device types, everything from smartphones to tablets to desktops. It can also simulate traffic across different types of networks and geographic endpoints. And because it’s a cloud-based service, it can scale to simulate even the most demanding traffic patterns. Our team of performance experts will work with you to define a load profile that exactly matches your expected peak traffic patterns. The results are much more accurate insights and meaningful remediations that ensure you are delivering remarkable omnichannel experiences during your busiest shopping seasons.

Affordable – Pay Only When You Need It

Site Tester requires no long term commitment or expensive capital investment. Use it only when you need it, and pay only for what you use. This utility-based approach to load testing means that you can take advantage of the same techniques that the largest retailers use to ensure a successful peak shopping season without breaking your budget.

Key Features

Scalable, Multi-Endpoint Synthetic Simulation

More and more shoppers are engaging with retail brands on the go on smartphones and tablets. And more and more retailers are employing omnichannel strategies to deliver engaging customer experiences. Site Tester employs cloud-based, multi-endpoint synthetic simulation to exactly mimic the way that your shoppers are interacting with your web store across a range of device types, networks, and geographies. Better simulation leads to more actionable insights and ultimately better results when it matters most.

In-Depth, Real Time Analytics

Site Tester leverages an advanced, purpose-built real-time OLAP engine and a powerful data extraction layer to help pinpoint performance bottlenecks and potential areas of stress in your web store. Performance data is captured both inside and outside of your firewalls through a range of existing production management monitoring systems, as well as Site Tester’s own test monitors and correlated into a single view of system performance.

Consolidated, Actionable Insights

Our performance engineers analyze your performance data and provide a consolidated, end-to-end remediation report that details all of the changes that you need to make in order to improve performance under peak load. The remediation report is comprehensive and covers all aspects of web performance including application and database servers, load balancers, instrumented code and bandwidth, all the way to the actual end user experience.

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