Commerce Performance Manager


In today’s multi-channel retailing environment your commerce software drives conversions, lifetime customer value and brand affinity. Ironically, the very software that fuels your success can also let you down when you need it most. The saying goes that you can have peak performance or peak demand, but you can never have both. Until now.

Commerce Performance Manager is a comprehensive application performance monitoring solution that automatically pinpoints performance bottlenecks in your application code and alerts you to defects that affect your customer experience.

Software development teams will appreciate Commerce Performance Manager because it dramatically accelerates root cause analysis and remediation, enabling these teams to address performance issues faster in order to fix ecommerce performance. Retailers will appreciate it because it helps them deliver a consistently remarkable customer experience even during peak shopping seasons.

Commerce Performance Manager works with leading platforms like Magento, Oracle Commerce, IBM Smarter Commerce, Intershop, and Hybris. Best of all it’s delivered as a turnkey service by Tenzing, whose team of experts monitors your application so you can focus on what matters most: turning visitors into devoted shoppers.


Get Deeper Insights into Site Performance

Commerce Performance Manager tracks the performance of your web store at the code level, detailing how specific sections of your commerce code is performing in real-time. It arms your development team with detailed insights that enable them to ensure you are consistently delivering a remarkable customer experience.

Find and Fix Performance Bottlenecks Faster

Commerce Performance Manager automatically detects defects that are affecting the performance of your web store. This means that your development team will spend less time finding defects and have more time to fix ecommerce performance. This also ensures that performance issues get addressed before they impact your top line.

Increase Developer and System Integrator Productivity

Developers spend 25% of their time fixing defects, and 70% of that time is just spent finding them. Commerce Performance Manager helps development teams become more productive by automatically alerting them to troublesome code that is affecting your retailing site’s performance. This frees up more of their time to deliver innovative features to support your omni-channel experience. Productivity is further improved because Tenzing’s team of monitoring experts are the first to review these alerts, weeding out false-positive notifications and only reaching out to your teams when necessary.


Automated Code Discovery

Commerce Performance Manager has advanced heuristics that enable it to automatically scan and learn the topology of your commerce software. It identifies how your application code is structured and how these structures work together to deliver site performance.

Automated Code Baselining

Commerce Performance Manager automatically baselines performance at the code level, identifying expected resource utilization for specific sections of your commerce code. It tracks factors like memory consumption, CPU utilization and disk I/O, automatically learning what normal performance looks like and establishing performance thresholds.

Real-Time, Code-Level Performance Monitoring

Identifying and addressing performance issues in real-time, especially during abnormally high periods of demand, is crucial to delivering a consistently remarkable shopper experience. Commerce Performance Manager continually monitors your commerce code and triggers alerts as performance thresholds are exceeded. Tenzing’s team of monitoring experts review these alerts in real time, filtering out false positive readings and only forwarding valid alerts. This ensures that your development teams are alerted as performance issues occur and only when legitimate issues arise.

Commerce Performance Manager's Intuitive Dashboard
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