Advanced Managed Services

Tenzing’s comprehensive advanced managed services portfolio has been specifically designed to meet the unique business needs of ecommerce clients, System Integrators (SIs), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. Our Advanced Managed Services represent a new suite of solutions that augment and extend our fully-managed services far beyond the infrastructure. Tenzing is committed to helping our clients solve complex IT and application challenges to achieve the highest possible levels of availability, performance and security.

Commerce Performance Manager

Commerce Performance Manager is a comprehensive application performance monitoring solution that automatically pinpoints performance bottlenecks in your application code and alerts you to defects that affect your customer experience.

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Data Assure

A reliable and secure offsite digital backup service fully managed by Tenzing. It aligns perfectly with disaster recovery, archiving and data compliance strategies, regardless of where the primary site is located.

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DoS Assure

A highly robust DoS (Denial-of-Service) protection and mitigation service. Managed 24×7 by Tenzing’s security team, it offers a cost-effective way to deal with the increasingly disruptive threats of DoS or DDoS attacks, along with other malicious traffic.

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Endeca Search Optimizer

A turnkey search optimization service designed to deliver optimal search relevancy no matter how often your product catalog gets updated. Increase conversions, cross-sell / up-sell and customer loyalty with highly relevant product search.

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PCI Assure

A service that allows merchants to accept credit card data on any page of their website without exposure to risk. It greatly simplifies the PCI-DSS process, for a faction of the cost of attaining in-house compliance.

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Security Testing

Tenzing’s Security Testing Services help merchants identify security vulnerabilities before hackers do. The services range from basic external scans that meet PCI quarterly scan requirements, to in-depth penetration testing.

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Site Optimizer

A mutli-endpoint, cloud-based site optimization service that dramatically speeds page performance for online stores. It requires no code changes or additional infrastructure and typically increases page speeds by 40% to 80%.

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Site Tester

A turnkey, cloud-based, mutli-endpoint load testing service that helps merchants deliver remarkable omnichannel experiences during peak shopping seasons. Affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model and advanced analytics makes it easy for merchants of all sizes to leverage the benefits of advanced load testing.

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    “A decade ago, we signed with Pivotree because they demonstrated a level of expertise and service that gave us confidence in their solution. In the past ten years, they have shown us time and time again that their offerings are best of breed, and they continuously innovate. Their infrastructure and architecture is high performing and secure, and we really value the team of dedicated experts who are available to support our business..”

    Craig Proud, Senior Vice President

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