Manager, IT Operations & NOC


According to eMarketer, eCommerce is the only trillion-dollar industry experiencing double-digit year-over-year growth. In 2012, global eCommerce sales topped a trillion dollars for the first time ($1.1 trillion). If estimates are accurate by 2018 eCommerce will grow to $2.49 trillion. These figures alone are compelling, however, coupled with the US Census Bureau’s estimate that only 7% of retail sales are currently done online leads us to believe that the eCommerce industry will be a dynamic, lucrative market for many years to come.

Tenzing Managed IT Services is a privately-held, managed hosting company founded in 1998. Tenzing specializes in hosting comprehensive enterprise-class eCommerce, software-as-a-service, and other enterprise Web applications. The Company’s key differentiators include its expertise and focus around managed services supporting leading eCommerce software platforms such as Oracle Commerce, Intershop, Hybris, Magento, and Websphere. Based on Tenzing’s experience hosting multiple eCommerce customers and in collaboration with SI partners, has developed a set of reference architectures to standardize configurations which now also leverages asset-free deployments including Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Tenzing is capitalizing on two major market trends that are starting to intersect which is the growth in enterprise eCommerce/merchant applications and the growth in public cloud platform consumption. In the past 18 months Tenzing has been winning extensively with US merchants and 2015 represented a pivotal year smashing previous “new contract sales” records in the company with the majority of them on strategy. Tenzing has progressively moved away from generalist managed service offerings and this role will be challenged to help shape a scalable infrastructure organization to sustain the accelerated growth.

Position Summary:

The Manager, IT Operations & NOC is a leader in the IT Operations group who will lead our global level 1 – 3 Operations/NOC. This individual will be fastidious around our customer service delivery to ensure that our client’s expectations are met or exceeded. During the first year the successful candidate will perform a comprehensive review of our service delivery and change/improve where it makes sense, create a repeatable training framework for onboarding and expanding our Operations/NOC team and build a framework to operate our global Operations/NOC teams as a single, strong team.

The individual is responsible for the efficient handling of all requests, incidents, and problems that our customers experience. The individual should be a customer advocate by trying to accurately resolve any issues the first time as quickly as possible, ideally within their team. Looking out for training opportunities and delivering the training should always be a top priority!

The successful candidate will have a wide variety of hands-on technical knowledge – prior experience with Linux, Windows, switches, firewalls, load balancers is a must in addition to a strong knowledge of ITIL best practices! The ideal candidate will have previous experience in a busy NOC managing technical teams that supports high volume web/Internet traffic.

By leveraging his/ her knowledge of best practices across the industry, the individual will promote and support a culture of excellence, by inspiring people, building a strong team and connecting them to the organization’s strategy and a longer term vision to provide service excellence.

The ideal candidate will be used to operating through metrics – moving the needle month to month on key KPI’s will be an ongoing goal.


  • Oversee 100% of the requests, incidents and problems from tier 1 through 3. Manages and coordinates urgent and complicated support issues. Act as escalation point for all requests and incidents. Develop and mature phone/ticket escalation processes to ensure free flowing escalation and information within the organization. Determine root cause of issues and communicate appropriately to internal and external customers. (25%)
  • Train, coach and mentor Service Desk Specialists (Level 1 / 2) including career development. Oversee staff activities. Builds/obtains (from other departments) training material for support staff. As needed, schedule employees working times and provide backup support. Interact with internal and external customers. (15%)
  • Train, coach and mentor Level 3 Linux and Windows operations support staff including career development. Oversee all staff activities. Builds/obtains (from other departments) training material for support staff. As needed, schedule employees working times and provide backup support. Interact with internal and external customers. (10%)
  • Provide data and reporting of KPI’s and trends to IT department and others in ad-hoc, weekly, monthly and as needed. Will drive Ticket Deep Dive and develop strategies for improvement. Work to make Service Desk the single source of truth and service delivery channel for IT. Monitor and manage phone queue (participating in escalated calls as needed). 15%)
  • Oversee Solutions repository and ensure top quality solutions are available to the staff. Develops Service and Business Level Agreements to set expectations and measure performance. Develops an effective and workable framework for managing and improving customer IT support in the organization. Advise management on situations that may require additional client support or escalation. (20%)
  • Manage process for communicating outage/emergency activities to the organization. Manage vendor relationships as it depends on daily operational needs. PO review and approval/budgeting responsibility. Review survey feedback to improve services, tools and support experience. Keep confidential all applicant, client, and verification and company proprietary information. (10%)
  • Act as a Major Incident lead as required


    • Maintain and continually improve upon quality of our NOC team and MI teams
    • Lead & inspire people. Continue to build, develop and mentor a world class, services oriented NOC
    • Work to continuously train NOC staff to offload requests from tier 3 to prevent escalation Continue to build a team that acts as one large service fulfillment team
    • Oversee ongoing projects and patch cycle processes
    • Perform leadership role in the Change Advisory Board twice weekly
    • Foster a culture of Learning and Continuous improvement within operations and sponsor programs to build capability and potential
    • Provide performance reports to executives, managers, and individuals using qualitative and quantitative inputs, outputs, outcomes, and end-to-end process measures
    • Contribute and support towards building the culture defined by the CEO and President


    • Exceptional IT Service Delivery or NOC experience managing complex processes and alerts/events from 2000+ devices
    • Strong technical knowledge of Linux and Windows, Networking including switching, firewalls and load balancers
    • Prior experience dealing with public cloud infrastructure
    • Ability to respond to rapidly changing situations
    • Experience leading teams that are geographically dispersed
    • Exceptional leadership and team building skills with a track record of recruiting, developing and managing top talent to work cooperatively and effectively
    • ITIL/ITSM with an ITIL practitioner certificate
    • Minimum 5 years in management role


      • Prior web operations experience
      • Track record of strong judgment, linking decisions to metrics and data
      • Linking technology investment decisions to a broader business and value building context
      • Strong presentation skills, excellent communication skills
      • Exceptional organization and multi-tasking skills
      • Track record of analyzing results and driving key initiatives and activities to influence outcomes
      • Skilled in Security technologies and the current and near-term Security risks, issues and opportunities to address them
      • Compliance and Audits (PCI-DSS, ISO 27001)
      • ITIL/ITSM
      • Team player who can build trust and operate in a collaborative and transparent manner
      • Customer driven and Customer Oriented
      • Ability to read and understand key financial statements and financial data – basic understanding of P/L required
      • 10+ years’ experience in Information Technology Operations
      • 5+ years in management role

      Key Challenges facing the role include:

        • Hiring and retaining talented individuals in a highly competitive market
        • Keeping pace with a fast rate of change in the industry and Tenzing
        • Geographically dispersed team – Kelowna, Toronto and India
        • Work from home culture
        • Team culture and friction within and between teams

        Defining Success

        • First 3-6 months – Learn your organization
          • You will have successfully completed interviews with all existing staff in your area
          • Develop an org structure that supports you managing a large dispersed technical team encompassing levels 1-3 ensuring the correct structure to succeed
          • Develop 2 year development program including pay scale improvements and training guidelines for onboarding/scaling NOC staff
          • You will have created per-employee development plans with timelines for growing each individual within the NOC
          • You have created role clarity for all staff removing any ambiguity in their function and key accountabilities for each role/team
          • You will understand the key roles of each operational and development team within the greater organization, escalation process for those teams and common areas where challenges exist for those teams
          • You will have an understanding of our clients, their individual needs and begun to identify opportunities to assist them further
        • 6-12 months – Run!
          • Your team is engaged, each on active learning paths and operating effectively
          • You have identified event notifications that can be removed/automated to reduce overall ticket volumes
          • You have continued to limit churn throughout your team. Additionally, overtime is rare
          • Your team has begun to take on additional work from other teams – deployment, qa, etc…
          • You are collecting requirements for improvements to our existing ITSM tool for enhancement or replacement
        • 12-24 months – Charge!
          • You have helped implement change into the ITSM tools to leverage additional automation
          • You have seen a significant number of your employees promoted throughout the organization and new employees on boarded successfully
        • Long term – you will look to automation to solve numerous challenges throughout Operations and the NOC. You will put in a framework that permits Operations/NOC to operate with minimal input from yourself, freeing you to operate on critical business/client challenges

        Roles reporting into this function (23 staff in 5 locations)

          • All Service Desk staff
          • All Service Desk SDC
          • MI Linux
          • MI Windows

        Shared Services this function will rely heavily on

        • All teams within the organization

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