Oracle Ecommerce Hosting Tenzing

Tenzing provides optimized bare metal infrastructure for Oracle Commerce as well as remote managed services with Oracle Commerce Anywhere.

SAP Hybris Ecommerce Hosting

Hybris Optimized Hosting is a managed services and infrastructure solution that ensures your Hybris web store delivers superior performance and reliability.

Optimized Magento ecommerce Hosting

Tenzing provides optimized hosting for Magento on bare metal infrastructure as well scalable cloud hosting in the Amazon Web Services Cloud.
    Demac Media

    “We're excited to have a hosting company and infrastructure partner that's willing to push the limits and try and bring to market some new services and products for merchants.”

    Matthew Bertulli, CEO and Co-Founder of Demac Media



    “Our platform and development partner both recommended Tenzing for hosting, which says a lot. It gave us great confidence in their reputation and ability. Right away I got the sense that they would be collaborative and work proactively with us. I’m thrilled to say this has been absolutely true so far. ”

    Adam Dorval, Manager, e-Commerce and Digital Strategy, Wholesale Sports

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    zeal optics

    “Before joining Tenzing, it would take us several days and a lot of back and forth communication to perform simple tasks like adding access for a new employee. With Tenzing, that same process took just minutes. Every interaction we’ve had so far has been like that. They are fast, reliable and knowledgeable, and I’m feeling more confident than ever that we’ll be in a great position to make the most out of our peak buying season.”

    Mike Lewis, Digital Marketing Manager, Zeal Optics

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    "We don't have to worry about anything. Tenzing allows us to focus on our business"

    Darren Pirang, President and CEO, Desato


    la Vie en Rose

    "We have had incredible success to start off this holiday season and Tenzing is part of that story. They were an integral part of our readiness team that ensured our servers could handle the stress of Cyber Monday, and that preparation helped us achieve 60% growth over last year."

    Martin-Alexandre Beaulieu, Director of Development and Business Methods, la Vie en Rose


    “A decade ago, we signed with Tenzing because they demonstrated a level of expertise and service that gave us confidence in their solution. In the past ten years, they have shown us time and time again that their offerings are best of breed, and they continuously innovate. Their infrastructure and architecture is high performing and secure, and we really value the team of dedicated experts who are available to support our business.”

    Craig Proud, Senior Vice President of Platform at GuestLogix

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